Simulation of Single Server Queuing System

In simulating real world systems on computer like a Single channel queue consisting of a single server for serving the
queue of we have its following simulation programme  using java:

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package singleserver;

import java.util.Random;

* @author Hizbul Bahar
public class SingleServer {
static int Queue_size = 32000;
static int next_event_type;
static int num_custs_delayed;
static int num_events=2;
static int num_in_q;
static int server_status;
static int num_delays_required;
static double area_num_in_q;
static double area_server_status;
static double sim_time;
static double time_last_event;
static double total_of_delays;
static double mean_interarrival;
static double mean_service;

static double[] time_arrival = new double[Queue_size];
static double[] time_next_event=new double[3];

static Random random = new Random(10000);

static void initialize()
sim_time = 0;

server_status = 0;
num_in_q = 0;
time_last_event = 0;

num_custs_delayed = 0;
total_of_delays = 0;
area_num_in_q = 0;
area_server_status = 0;

time_next_event[1] = sim_time + expon(mean_interarrival);
time_next_event[2] = 1.0e+30;

static void timing()

if (time_next_event[1] < time_next_event[2])
next_event_type = 1;
next_event_type = 2;

sim_time = time_next_event[next_event_type];

static void arrive()
double delay;

time_next_event[1] = sim_time + expon(mean_interarrival);

if (server_status == 1)
time_arrival[num_in_q] = sim_time;

delay = 0;
total_of_delays += delay;

server_status = 1;

time_next_event[2] = sim_time + expon(mean_service);

static void depart()
if (num_in_q == 0)
server_status = 0;
time_next_event[2] = 1.0e+30;

time_next_event[2] = sim_time + expon(mean_service);

for (int i = 1; i <= num_in_q; i++)
time_arrival[i] = time_arrival[i+1];

static void report()
System.out.println( "TOtal customer uses this server " + num_custs_delayed + "\n");
System.out.println( "Average delay in queue minutes  " + total_of_delays / num_custs_delayed + "\n");
System.out.println( "Average number in queue  " + area_num_in_q / sim_time + "\n");
System.out.println( "Server utilization  " + area_server_status / sim_time + "\n");

static void update_time_avg_stats()
double time_since_last_event;

time_since_last_event = sim_time - time_last_event;
time_last_event = sim_time;

area_num_in_q += num_in_q * time_since_last_event;

area_server_status += server_status * time_since_last_event;

static double expon(double  mean)
return -mean * Math.log(random.nextDouble());

public static void main(String[] args) {


switch (next_event_type)
case 1: arrive();
case 2: depart();

To get complete java project you may knock me through email, mobile or commented below as your requirement.

Software Engineer at The Jaxara IT Ltd , Dhaka , Bangladesh

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