About Me

Hello, This is Al Hizbul Bahar. I’m very enthusiast about programming & passionate about web development. I was born and raised in a small village near Arpara, Magura. I’ve completed my graduation in Computer Science & Engineering Discipline from Khulna University.

I’m used to keep up with the cutting edge of technologies. Being familiar with versatile diversity, I have been working in several software projects for more than one  years. I follow agile methodologies of software development and try to develop shippable software using TDD.

I love to work with open source projects. I am working on the latest web trends and developing Web 2.0 driven web solutions using PHP5, ASP.NET, C#, JAVA, MySQL, HTML, AJAX, JSON, CSS, and jQuery. MVC is my preferred pattern for application development and so I use CakePHP, Laravel4, Symfony2 and CodeIgniter  form PHP stack, Django and Rails from Python and Ruby stack respectively for developing web applications. I have experience to work with two of most exciting open source CMS: WordPress and Modex. But these days I feel comfortable to work with WordPress Plugin development for its mind-blowing features to enhance the power of wordpress  efficiently. With this as a development environment i always prefer LINUX.

Anyway with this i’m also a human being, as a result i have to need some coffee with programming. I like traveling, eating and watching movie with my friends.

Stay Touch With Me::

Al Hizbul Bahar

Software Engineer, The Jaxara IT Ltd

Dhaka, Bangladesh-1207

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